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More money with less land

Learn about vertical farming solutions to earn stable income from the convenience of your home. Watch out online videos to get started.


Grow fresh produce from your own balcony!

Empowering people to grow their own crops, no large space necessary

Craft your farming skills from the comfort of your home!

Providing all the tools necessary for effective farming: equipment, training, networking

Time to excel in farming, even with less land!

Sign up to earn income on your crops by learning better farming solutions

About Product

At, we provide online videos to train users about the topic of vertical farming to generate an additional source of income or eat fresh produce. Through the website, you can not only purchase access to these videos, but you can also buy different models of the vertical farming units, and speak with professionals and gain customer support from our team 24/7, with so much more. The topics offered by Women Smiles Uganda include:
~ composite manure making,
~ complex soil preparations,
~ how to grow various types of fruits and vegetables (potatoes, strawberries, tomatoes, onions, etc.), and
~ general vertical farming unit setup and maintenance.
You can learn the basics of vertical farming after purchasing one of Women Smiles Uganda’s vertical farming units, or just add new general skills to your arsenal. Through the collaboration of the Women Smiles Uganda team, you can view classes normally only offered through in-person workshops hosted in Kampala for as little as $1 from the comfort of your own home. You can grow your own produce and easily sell it through various Women Smiles local partners, thereby generating income.

Benefactors of the Programme

Are you a farming enthusiast looking to learn more? Are you trying to make more money from your own home? Or, do just want to grow extra produce without needing a lot of land? Click “Get Started” to get in contact with us!